What is MAPs ?
MAPs stands for ‘Medicinal and Aromatic Plants’.
What is MPCA ?
MPCA stands for a Medicinal Plant Conservation Area. The main aim of MPCA's are to conserve the medicinal plants in its natural habitat and preserve its gene pool. MPCA programmes, with the help of the forest departments, are set up to study the medicinal plants in the natural habitats and to develop strategies for management of rare, endangered and vulnerable species. Chhatisgarh has seven designated MCPA’s.
What is JFM ?
It’s an abbreviation for Joint Forest Management, which is a partnership involving the state forest departments and local communities for protection of land and equitable sharing of produce
Why was Chhatisgarh declared a herbal state ?
Because of its rich bio-diversity and the unique co-dependence of its forest dwellers with their land for medicinal plants, Chhatisgarh was declared a ‘herbal state’ in July 2001. In accordance, the Chhatisgarh Forest policy has provided for evolving a feasible mechanism for in situ/ex situ conservation, domestication, propagation and non-destructive harvest of medicinal plants with the active help and support from local people including traditional healers and vaidyas.
What is SMPB ?
SMPB stands for the State Medicinal Plant Board of Chhatisgarh. They play a key role in documenting, developing and sustaining the medicinal plant legacy of the state.