About Us

To recognize and celebrate a forest eco-system of healing, this space serves as a platform for local forest communities in Chhatisgarh to share knowledge and experience, concerns and insecurities, stories and songs.

This space aims to become the main window of communication between people at the grassroots and the policy makers. It’s a website with a long-term vision of being completely user-driven, with involved people in Chhatisgarh able to upload experiences in multiple formats.

This website is a multimedia space, which discusses and presents issues pertaining to the growth and sustainability of medicinal plants as well as the conservation of traditional knowledge and systems, in video, audio, radio and image format. Open to user participation, we look forward to sharing a wide variety of thoughts and opinions coming straight from the Chhatisgarh forest communities, as they communicate with policy makers, market forces and the country at large. It will be an open source, updated resource base for medicinal plant conservation in Chhatisgarh.

Project run by Chhattisgarh State Medicinal Plants Board and UNDP-GEF to mainstream conservation and promote sustainable medicinal plant diversity in the state.
Project enabled by Dusty Foot Productions

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