Project Mascots

Jaddu Baddu

The makings of a mascot - Meet Jaddu Baddu, the project mascots.

When looking at such varied stakeholder groups & the gamut of issues & concerns involving medicinal plants in the state one needed a tool that would become a unifying factor for all the parties involved. Something that could not only be used across channels & but would work across regions anywhere in the state & beyond.Featured Person

That’s when the idea of having a project mascot came about. The aim was that it becomes synonymous to the issue of medicinal plants conservation in the state.

Mascots have been proved to be highly effective channels for dissemination of information & for stimulating community action. For the project a mascot would also be a good idea to try and tackle an issue as complex & diverse as conservation.

Jaddu & Baddu were the names that came up for the mascots. There was quite a discussion in the team about whether the two should both be medicinal plants, or one should be a plant & the other a human so as to bring about the relationship factor between man & nature.

Finally Jaddu became a medicinal plant & Baddu a resident of Chhattisgarh. They derived their names from Jadi Booti (Medicinal plants/herbs in Hindi).

The idea was to make them huge, attractive, colorful puppets with wild hair flowing about. Something, which would definitely attract people’s attention anywhere, they went.

The advantage of having a project mascot was that it could be used not just for talking about the issue but also combined with other tools developed in the project to create more impact.


Jaddu-Baddu dancing with villagers Jaddu-Baddu with villagersJaddu-Baddu interacting with villagersJaddu-Baddu dancing with villagers II